Upbeat On Small Business

Business headlines tell us times are tough. Sales, revenue, employment and confidence are down.

The reason?

The continuing impacts of the 2008-12 global recession, which was initiated by the financial crisis of 2007-08 and the collapse of the US sub-prime mortgage market.

Is capitalism doomed?

You’d be forgiven for thinking so but we’re backing small companies to thrive, despite the forecasts of doomsayers.

We’re upbeat about the capacity of entrepreneurial people to create value and jobs by solving each other’s challenges.

Where we live (Australia), small and medium sized businesses create 70 per cent of private sector jobs and generate 60 per cent of economic revenue.

Small companies are where the people doing the work are making the decisions.

These people are often thrifty, innovative and motivated to create value for their customers and local communities – a different breed to the unelected ruling elite that created the global financial crisis.

We wonder what kind of cool stuff is being made right now in someone’s garage?