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  • Less whingeing, more gratitude

    By Dan Gaffney on April 21, 2014
    Nobody likes a whinger but have you considered your own tendencies to complain and criticise? Cultivating gratitude might be the remedy. We’ve all met the whinger – the person who finds fault in everything and everyone. It seems there’s no way to satisfy or pacify these personality types. They’re bored. They’re tired. It’s too hot, too cold, too much, too […]
  • Priceless – the value of linchpins in the workplace

    By Dan Gaffney on January 31, 2014
    The decline of the industrial economy has raised the value of linchpins – people with the emotional intelligence to lead in any setting. Serial entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Marc Cuban are masters of process, which is why venture capitalists tend to invest in them in preference to first-time start-up companies. Branson and co have honed a process that builds […]