Going viral: the role of choice, word of mouth and humanity

There are three reasons why being remarkable matters more than ever in our viral, connected economy.

Infinite choice

The Internet gives access to an abundance of options. There’s greater competition because the connected economy has lowered the old barriers to entry.

Now we’re spoilt for choice by an online economy flooded with easy-to-buy goods and services.

Want a book on yoga? No problem – there are hundreds out there, ready to be shipped for free by Amazon.com.

Click, pay, delivered.

This is fantastic news for buyers of yoga books but bad news for authors. Why? Unless your new book is exceptional, it’s almost invisible to buyers.

Sure, you could promote it with ads on TV, radio and newspapers but those channels are dead or dying on the vine. And besides, nobody wants to be interrupted by ads any more.

Word of mouth

The connected economy is the viral economy. Products that are worth talking about get talked about – and they’re being tweeted, followed, liked and shared by social media.

And that means nobody is talking about safe, average or boring stuff. The stuff that’s being shared and bought like crazy is the remarkable stuff.

Gone are the days when quirky or edgy or loud or being really different was risky.

Now boring is risky. Today, being remarkable is worth noticing. Worth sharing. Everywhere. By everyone. Right now.


The industrial complex will continue to pump out cheap, mass produced stuff for those that want it.

However, the stories that stir our hearts are the ones that appeal to our common humanity. They cross the divide between “me” and “the other”. That’s what great art does. That’s what makes it remarkable.

Deep down we want meaning, connection and truth. We want something and someone that we can trust.

Of course, being remarkable doesn’t mean we can trust someone. But being remarkable does earn something valuable – our highly filtered attention.

We notice the artists. And we listen to people that can share stories that resonate in our hearts.