• Promoting active travel among children

    By Dan Gaffney on July 24, 2015
    The New South Wales Government wants to promote better health by encouraging more active travel by NSW children. Active travel means walking, cycling, scootering, skateboarding or any similar transport where human energy is spent to travel. Research from around the world reveals that children’s local active travel provides significant benefits. In addition to the health benefits of physical activity, walking and bicycle riding […]
  • Intrapreneurs – risk, reward and innovation

    By Dan Gaffney on March 29, 2015
    Intrapreneurs reveals insights from scholars, entrepreneurs and UNSW graduate students on the subjects of business innovation, risk, investment, success and failure – all part of the diet of being an entrepreneur inside and outside a corporation. Credits: True North Media © 2013 Production – Dan Gaffney Camera – Nait Wiles Sound – Ben Hooft Editing – Shaun Dougherty Client – UNSW […]
  • NSW Healthy Children Initiative Equity Toolkit

    By Dan Gaffney on March 28, 2015
    The New South Wales Healthy Children Initiative delivers programs for children from birth up to the age of 18 years. The resource booklet we wrote and designed for the NSW Office of Preventive Health is for professionals who can make a positive difference to children’s health. It initiative aims to increase levels of physical activity and fruit and vegetable consumption by children in early childhood […]
  • Less whingeing, more gratitude

    By Dan Gaffney on April 21, 2014
    Nobody likes a whinger but have you considered your own tendencies to complain and criticise? Cultivating gratitude might be the remedy. We’ve all met the whinger – the person who finds fault in everything and everyone. It seems there’s no way to satisfy or pacify these personality types. They’re bored. They’re tired. It’s too hot, too cold, too much, too […]
  • LJ Hooker goes green to cuts costs

    By Dan Gaffney on March 27, 2014
    Good for business, good for the environment. That’s the catch-cry of LJ Hooker’s sustainability program, which is helping its real estate network cut leading business costs – power, paper and petrol. Launched in early 2012, LJ Hooker’s 3Ps program puts sustainability at the centre of the biggest motivators in the real estate sector – sales and savings. The 3Ps program gives its […]
  • Extinction crisis looms in Oceania: landmark study

    By Dan Gaffney on March 5, 2014
    Governments must act urgently to halt loss of habitats and invading species that are posing major threats to biodiversity and causing species extinctions across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, according to a landmark new study. Published in the international journal Conservation Biology, the report is the first comprehensive review of more than 24,000 scientific publications related to conservation in […]
  • Sydney harbours deadly diet for sea creatures

    By Dan Gaffney on March 3, 2014
    Contaminated seaweeds in Sydney Harbour could be threatening the small animals that feed on them says research. The finding by UNSW researchers reveals that the harbour’s seaweeds have the world’s highest levels of copper and lead contamination. Up to 75 percent of the offspring of small crustaceans that feed on a common brown seaweed, for example, are killed when they […]
  • Double trouble: water vapour compounds global warming

    By Dan Gaffney on January 24, 2014
    Water vapour released into the atmosphere is compounding global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions. Long-debated among climate scientists, the “water vapour feedback loop” is now indisputable, according to a scientific review published in Science by Andrew Dessler of Texas A&M University and Steven Sherwood of the University of New South Wales. Increasing water vapour it is responsible for a […]
  • Small wonders: the nanotechnology revolution

    By Dan Gaffney on January 24, 2014
    UNSW’s nanoscale research is revolutionising everyday materials to make them better, stronger and faster. Pick up an Apple iPhone, smear on cosmetics or jump in a new model car and you are likely to be dabbling in the world of nanotechnology. At last count, there were more than 600 nanotechnology products on the market, with new ones coming on stream […]
  • Going solar: UNSW launches star power

    By Dan Gaffney on January 23, 2014
    Solar electric power is the fastest-growing energy market in the world. Demand is growing at more than 40 per cent annually, which is good news for an energy source recognised as one of the best ways to transition to a cleaner, sustainable energy future. UNSW is a world leader in solar cell technology, with a substantial portfolio of patented technologies, […]