Dan Gaffney


Today’s best brands are giving away great content as a way to differentiate from their peers and give the market what it really wants – fresh, useful stories that people want to watch, read and share.

These companies know that smart brands are using an array of social channels to release a steady stream valuable content through case studies, newsletters, white papers, podcasts, videos and pictures.

This approach dominates the go-to-market strategy of brands like Red Bull, Intel and HSBC Bank.

Dan Gaffney founded True North Media to serve that market – companies that want branded multimedia content to engage customers and prospects.

An Australian communications executive, he brings 15 years’ experience to the company in print, digital and broadcast media.

For a decade, he ran a media agency providing branded content (copywriting and video), newsgathering, reporting, and news placement services for numerous government and business clients.

His media and production experience spans print, radio and video, and includes all of his passions – science, health, environment, adventure, sustainability, innovation and sport.

Dan was a freelance writer and columnist for The Australian from 1997 to 2003. In that time he also contributed more than 500 commissioned stories and opinions for Australian Doctor, Crikey, The Drum, ABC Radio, and trade media titles.

A father of two young adults, he was born and educated in Sydney and has qualifications in education, media, psychology and public health.